We come together to create intentional community where we practice democracy and sustainability to achieve more harmony in our lives, amongst each other and with the Earth. 

Our Mission


We will develop land toward the purpose of creating an intentional and sustainable community.  We will integrate beautiful, resilient and affordable homes into the land for our members.  The buildings will demonstrate energy efficiency and comfort while being built from non-toxic, sturdy and sensible materials.  The land and structures will be designed with great consideration for water conservation.  We will grow organic fruits and vegetables and raise animals with thoughtful consideration for their health and well-being. We will meet regularly to practice self-governance as community that collaborates on policies and practices to optimize resources for the highest good of all individuals. All members and residents will work together on a regular basis on projects that are decided upon by our group decisions.  We will have regular training, workshops, discussions, play and meals together.  We will restore native species and provide refuge for wilderness. We will build a place to help others replicate this work through educational programs, celebrations and strategic support. Innovation, inspiration and modeling true sustainability will be an ongoing intention of community action.

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